1. Do you offer free trial volleyball tips?
    No, we don't offer free volleyball tips to visitors/customers.

  2. How many volleyball predictions do you send per match day?
    We decided to provide between 1 and 4 volleyball picks per day to find most predictable games.

  3. What is the replacement if volley prediction is lose or draw?
    If our volleyball prediction is lose or draw, you will automatically receive one volleyball tip as replacement for the next available day.

  4. How can I pay for volleyball predictions?
    We accept only payments via PayPal® , Skrill®, credit/debit cards VISA, MasterCard, Maestro.

  5. What to do after I make a payment?
    Just check your e-mail

  6. What is your minimum coefficient?
    Our minimum coefficient is 1.80. Average 1.95

  7. If you have another questions please contact us

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