Atalanta and Fiorentina split the points in Bergamo

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Sunday`s Serie A team opposed the Atalanta and Fiorentina teams who did not win a win, ending 1:1 on Stadio Atletico Azzurra and Italy, Italy. Bergamas, who are seventh in Calcio, failed to make an important step to the sixth position, allowing them to take part in European tournaments adviced by questions about volleyball tips next season. The hosts who made a 3:2 loss from Borussia (Dortmund) during the week placed a 3-4-1-2 lead in the attack and the team was led by the Gomez duo;Petanja. Andrea Pioles chose to be quite attacking from the start and put his players in 4-3-3 formation, relying on the constant breakthroughs of Federico Kieza and Gil Dias. Their task was to supply Giovanni Simeone with good feeds in search of the goal so important.

The meeting started greatly for Atalanta and the team from Bergamo was very close to finding the result 5 minutes into the game when Petanija failed to materialize a good pass from the left. The striker missed a great chance from close range, sending the ball straight to Sprintiello`s hands. This worked like a red light for the guests from Florence, who responded with the next attack. Giovanni Simeone received the ball in the penalty area, turned around well, releasing the guard of two defenders in purple and firing. But his shot went high above the crossbar of the door behind Pierluigi Golini

Fiorentina opened the score in the 16th minute, thanks to Croatian midfielder Milan Badel. The midfielder fired a long distance from the distance and forced the housekeeper`s guard to flatten. The knocked ball fell into Federico Kieza`s legs, which dropped a precise passage parallel to the goal, and then the invading Badel matched Golini with a precise stroke. After the attack, the Bergamans imposed a lasting possession of the ball and created a number of good positions at the door of the Nerazzurri. In one of them, in the 37th minute, Cristian was very close to the equalizer. The Italian, however, did not take Marten de Roon`s soft center and missed the ball. Atalanta`s pressure, however, led to an important goal at the end of the half-time. Andrea Petanja knocked Alejandro Gomez`s head from a foul, sending both teams in the dressing rooms with a tie.

In the second part again the blue-black team looked first at the opponent`s door. Petaniya put the defense in the bargain after 58 minutes and sent a new head shot to the far corner of the door behind Sportiello. La Viola`s watchman stretched and managed to get a corner kick. There were minutes in which both teams were increasingly struggling to create a position in front of the enemy`s door.

This was the 85th minute in which Fiorentina`s defender Nikola Milenkovic was driven out of play. The Serb received a second yellow card for an offense against Alejandro Gomes near the penalty area of the violet. The resulting foul ended with a pretty good chance for Atalanta, which was, however, wasted. The ball hit Remo Frueler, who shot a strong shot from the arc of the penalty area. The globe has gone through a lot of football?

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