Problems in teams of Russia and Ukraine on start of volleyball Euro 2017

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Konstantin Ushakov replaced Vladimir Kuzutkin as the head coach of the Russian team. Kuzutkin was at the head of the Bulgarian World Championship in 2014, and eight years earlier he took Sboraya to the medals of the Gold medal. He will continue to work but as an assistant coach.

On this occasion, the president of the Russian Volleyball Federation Stanislav Shevchenko said the following:

"The rosace of the women's national team is planned, there is no sensation in this news, and the appointment of Vladimir Ivanovich Kuzuktkin and his consent is supposed to be the same, we have to look ahead and aim at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics" .

Still, there is a doubt as to why the roka is taking place just before the start of Eurovlei 2017. The Tokyo Olympic Games are only three years away.

Ukraine, the first rival of the Bulgarians, announced its composition and for joy in it does not appear the best Ukrainian volleyball player - Olesya Rihlik. Former Dobri Rabadzhieva's teammate is the main bomber of the Swiss Volero.

Here is the full list of Ukrainians with whom "lionesses" will play their first match tomorrow at 14:30:
Distributors: Olena Novgorodchenko, Oleksandra Peretyatko
Diagonal: Karina Yurchenko, Anastasia Chernuha
Centers: Irina Trushkina, Inna Molodzova, Julia Gersimova, Svitlana Dosman
Meetings: Tetiana Kozlova, Hanna Kirichenko, Ana Stepanjuk, Nadia Kodolova
Libera: Victoria Delros, Alina Stepanchuk

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