Manchester United slipped away with late goals

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Manchester United made a tough 2-0 win over Derby County in the clash between the two FA Cup 3rd Rounds. `The Red Devils` only came to the end of the match with Jesse Linggard in the 84th and Romulus Lukaku in the 90th minute. Previously, the Old Trafford hosts broke through, with goalkeeper Scott Carson, who was the hero of guests with incredible bailouts. Twice and the beams helped the `Owls`, but they collapsed at the end under the pressure of a more classy rival. The hosts came out in this match mentioned by buy volleyball picks with Marcus Rashford at the top of the attack, and Henry Mhhtaaryan, Jessie Linggard and Juan Mata acted behind the back.

For Darby County, the attack is led by Sam Winal, as he was backed up by reins of Anreas Weymman, Tom Lawrence and Johnny Russell.

The meeting started with two good opportunities for Manchester United. In the 4th minute Jesse Linggard was found in a good position in the penalty area but shoots over the door. A minute later, Paul Pogba kicks from a distance on land, but right into the goalkeeper`s hands.

In the 9th minute, Paul Pogba shot again from a distance and his shot went dangerously close to the beam but in the off.

In the 17th minute, Rashford tried a distant shot, which trembled treacherously but came out. Two minutes later, the young striker had a new chance to fire the door, but this time he could not find the outlines.

In the 21st minute, Juan Matta fired a great free kick and Scott Carson had to show a brilliant reflex to keep his door shut.

In the 22nd minute Derby County reached its first danger. Marcus Olson shot his head, and Sergio Romero had to stretch as much as possible to save.

In the 27th minute, Andreas Weimman shot a shot towards United`s goal but the ball went sideways.

In the 35th minute the hosts were closest to finding the result. Marcus Rashford received a good cross in the penalty area, but the ball glanced harmlessly off the frame of the goal. At the 38th minute he shot a shot again, this time he was rescued by Carson.

In the 42nd minute again Scott Carson was the last barrier to the goal. Paul Pogba made a superb free kick and the keeper made a spectacular block when he lobed the ball over the keeper`s reach. In the 49th minute Derby County could have a bit of a brilliant lead in the score. Tom Huddlestone struck a blow, crunching a defender, and walked dangerously close to the door.

In the 53rd minute A powerful hit of Mata was saved by Carson, and then Pogba failed to score close. Darby County responded with a dangerous blow to Tom Lawrence in the 58th minute and good interference from Romero. In the 60th minute, Paul Pogba fired a real bullet toward the opponent`s door, but again Scott Carson was impassable.

In the 69th minute, the Frenchman was found on the edge of the pennant and fired from the ball as the ball rolled to the beam.

In the 71st minute and luck again turned his back on the hosts after an excellent shot of Rashford made a second turn from the beam. In the 76th minute, Romulus Lukaku hit the beam after a head shot, but the Belgian was also ambushed. A minute later Carson was a hero to the guests with another incredible rescue after a Pogba shot.

In the 84th minute pressure?

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