The strongest volleyball leagues in Europe have created a new volley association

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Five of the strongest volleyball leagues in Europe, Italy, Poland, France, Belgium and Germany have established a Volleyball Leagues Association, which aims to improve calendar synchronization, transfer conditions, clubs' economic stability, and so on.

It is noteworthy that only a representative of the Russian Volleyball League did not attend the special meeting held in Bologna, Italy. The format is open and other leagues will join the new project. It is expected that the Bulgarian side will announce its attitude towards the project.

Here are the official goals of the organization:

1. The development of national leagues and their clubs.

2. Maintaining the rights and economic value of clubs and national championships.

3. Discussing the arrangements of contestants participating in the championships as well as the transfers of players for national competitions.

4. Discuss the ways in which players from national championships participate in the national team (insurances, injuries, wages, etc.).

5. Seeking better synchronization between international calendars (FIVB and 5 continental confederations) and national leagues: first, to solve the problem of excessive physical workload of many players who play a large number of games each year; secondly, to ensure more continuity and regularity for national competitions to ensure the economic value of sport.

ABU will be represented by Philippe Boone, Belgian League President and Diego Mosa, Honorary President of the Italian League.

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